3 Ways Bats Can Enter Your House Attic or Living Space

Did you find a bat flying inside your house? Is it happening for the first time and has never happened again after that? If that’s the case, you don’t need to worry! Chances are the bat might have lost its way and entered your house mistakenly. However, if it has been happening frequently, you need to call professional wildlife removal Barrie services right away. Seeing bats frequently in your house can be a sign of bat infestation. And it can turn out to be a major problem because bats are silent animals, and it will take a long time before their droppings and smell give you a hint of infestation. Now, you might wonder how bats enter your house or living space. Here’s how! 

Small cracks and openings

Wildlife removal Barrie

Wildlife removal Barrie

Most adult bats spend their time in the house attic. And a small 1/2″ crack or opening is enough for them to enter your house. As mentioned above, bats are silent animals. They don’t make much noise, unlike pigeons while entering your house’s attic. So, it may take you a long time to realize a bat infestation and get small cracks and openings repaired. 

Open windows

When bats enter your house through open windows, they are chasing insects for food. So, it is definitely by mistake. It also doesn’t directly indicate a bat infestation in your house. However, it does indicate a bat infestation in the nearby region close to your home. This means your home has a higher chance of bat infestation in the future. So, be careful and vigilant. 

Baby Bats

Wildlife removal Orillia

Wildlife removal Orillia

Just like you would like a safe space for your children, bat mothers do too! Hence, when it is time to give birth to baby bats, they try to find a safe space. And what better than your attic? Now, once bat mothers have given birth, they go out in the evening to find food. Baby bats on the other hand start exploring their nearby space. And that’s how they end up in your living space. They have just lost their way. But this is a clear indication that your house has a bat infestation. And you must call professional wildlife removal Orillia services right away. 

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