Nighttime noises

Humane Wildlife Removal Services

When you hear noises during the night, it may be the first sign that you have unwanted wildlife in your attic that requires humane wildlife removal. Other obvious signs are small entry holes, feces, damage, and paw-prints. Wildlife are attracted to the warmth and a safe place to breed, so there are many small animals that will make a home in your attic throughout the year. Here is a summary on how to identify what wildlife is making theirs home in your attic. Then you can approach the issues, and wildlife removal effectively, and safely.


If you are experiencing loud footsteps, and what sounds like it could possibly be a human walking in your attic, or on your roof in the dark of night, chances are you are experiencing a raccoon trying to enter or renter your property. Please call an SMWR professional to humanely solve your raccoon issue.


Rat aren’t necessarily up only at night time, and can be heard scratching and gnawing at wood and baseboards anytime of the day. These noises will be significantly louder than a mouse. The acoustics behind a wall can make an animal , sound much larger than it typically is. Rats leave droppings like mice however they are quite large, and non uniform in the shape. Typically black droppings 1/2 to 3/4 inches in length is common. Rats will need a larger entry point to access your home, and these areas should be caulked, and or screened closed to prevent future entries. Call SMWR and have an inspection done to be sure of all your unwanted wildlife/rodent issues.


If you are experiencing light scratching noises in a location typically during the evening, this could mean a mouse issue is beginning in your attic. Often without any scurrying sounds, you may hear gnawing and scratching sounds in the evening to early morning hours.


If you are hearing running back and forth through your soffits in early morning, and late afternoon, sometimes periodically through the day, in the same areas, you may have a squirrel issue under way.
If you are unsure how to handle the situation, or want to know what the next steps should be, please reach out to an SMWR technician for some assistance.


If you are hearing chirping noises in the night, and sometimes even flapping noises, you just may have a bat issue in your attic. Having a juvenile bat enter your home during the spring and early summer months is very common. Let a trained and experienced professional wildlife removal technician handle this safely for you. Call SMWR today.