Bird Removal Collingwood – Top DIY Methods You Can Use

Are you in need of professional bird removal Collingwood services? If so, we assume that birds have caused serious problems on your property, especially the roof. Due to rapid urbanization, several birds have lost their natural habitats. Hence, they make use of your house or commercial building roof to perch or even make a nest. Normally, at Simcoe Muskoka Wildlife Removal, we would suggest not harming the birds. Bird Removal CollingwoodHowever, if they have caused significant issues and are disturbing the peace of the residents, it is imminent that you get professional bird removal Collingwood services. Our licensed and humane solutions will ensure that the birds are relocated to a safe location unharmed. 

Normally, we wouldn’t suggest you tackle this issue on your own. But if you are just like any other homeowner, we know you will be interested in knowing some DIY methods for bird removal Collingwood. Here’s What you can do.

  • Start with research

If you didn’t know this already, several birds are endangered species or have been marked by the wildlife organization as protected. For example, sparrows and starlings have been red-listed by wildlife organizations. Hence, harming them in any way is illegal. Therefore, before you take any extreme bird removal Collingwood method, do your research. (P.S. refrain from harming or killing the bird in any case!)

  • Top Methods for Bird Removal

There are a few non-harming bird removal methods that you can use such as:

  1. Decoys: Try to place fake statues of natural predators such as hawks or owls. This will naturally keep birds away from the roof. 
  2. Trapping: Use a trap and lure the bird with some food. However, make sure you have a plan on what to do once you trap the bird. 
  3. Removing the Nest: If you find that birds are constantly coming to the roof, make sure to check for a nest. If you find eggs or offspring, we suggest you call us at Simcoe Muskoka Wildlife Removal. We will remove the nest along with the baby birds and mama and papa birds. 

Ultrasonics: You can blast high-pitched sounds and it usually works to keep birds away from the roof. However, this might create problems for people in and around the building.

Bird Removal CollingwoodAlthough these methods will help you keep birds away from the roof, they will keep coming back once they find a chance. Hence, to solve the problem completely, call us at Simcoe Muskoka Wildlife Removal and choose our proficient bird removal Collingwood services. Our team is certified and professional to remove all types of birds causing a nuisance on your property. We also provide removal services for squirrels, raccoons, bats, mice, rats, and more. 

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