Orillia Raccoon Removal – Here’s The Best Humane Way

Have you noticed a mother raccoon and baby raccoons in the chimney of your house? If so, you need to remove them as soon as possible. As long as they are in the chimney, you are good because Orillia raccoon removal from the chimney is easier and quicker than your attic. However, before you start implementing a DIY method get in touch with us at Simcoe Muskoka Wildlife Removal. Orillia Raccoon RemovalAlthough we offer professional and certified Orillia raccoon removal services, we also provide education and knowledge on the same. Our experts can tell you what things you should avoid while removing baby raccoons and mother raccoon from the chimney. 

And here’s what our experts say you should do to ensure a successful Orillia raccoon removal from the house chimney. 

  • Adult raccoon trapping

If you go to remove the baby raccoons without removing the mother raccoon, you are in for a ferocious fight with a protective mother. She won’t be easy to tackle. Mother raccoon might also attack you in defence. And a scratch or a bite can increase your chances of rabies. You wouldn’t want that to happen! Hence, the best thing is to first trap the mother raccoon. You can place a trap on the top of the chimney after the mother raccoon leaves. So, once she comes back, she gets trapped in the cage. After that, you can remove baby raccoons. Or you can use a repellent to drive away the mother raccoon followed by the removal of baby raccoons. Or you can just wait for the mother to leave in search of food and conduct Orillia raccoon removal for baby raccoons. 

However, we would suggest that you get professional services from us Simcoe Muskoka Wildlife Removal to tackle the mother raccoon removal effectively. 

  • Removing baby raccoons

Once the mother raccoon is out of the scene, removing baby raccoons is pretty easy. With the help of a mirror, you can locate all the baby raccoons. You must use leather gloves to hold the baby raccoons. Since baby raccoons, whether newborn or young, aren’t ferocious, this will be pretty quick. While you are removing baby raccoons, keep a cardboard box or a pillowcase ready to place them. This will avoid them running off in your house and keep them safe. 

  • Reuniting with a mother raccoon

With the mother raccoon trapped and baby raccoons in the box, you can reunite them in an open space. Even if you haven’t used a trap for the mother raccoon, she will return for her cubs and that’s when you can reunite them.

Orillia Raccoon RemovalThis is the most humane method for Orillia raccoon removal. However, if you want professional services, leave it to us at Simcoe Muskoka Wildlife Removal. We are certified and experienced to remove mother and baby raccoons without harming them. We also rehabilitate them effectively. 

So, call us now to get our wildlife removal services