Raccoon Removal Orillia – 3 Things You Must Avoid

Baby raccoons! Do you love them? Or do you freak out when you hear about them? In any scenario, having baby raccoons infesting your house is not an ideal situation. And if they are residing in your house, professional raccoon removal Orillia becomes imminent. One of the places where you can find baby raccoons is the chimney. Now, let us tell you that at Simcoe Muskoka Wildlife Removal we consider this a blessing because it is much easier to remove baby raccoons from the chimney as compared to an attic. Raccoon Removal OrilliaHowever, if you are trying a DIY raccoon removal Orillia method to remove baby raccoons from the chimney, here are a few things that you shouldn’t do. 

  • Avoid Damper Opening

You might think that opening the damper will help you get rid of baby raccoons and mother raccoons. However, this is not the best solution. As soon as you open the damper, the baby raccoons and mother raccoons will fall into your house. Baby raccoons will run away and may enter the crawl spaces. However, you will face a ferocious and angry mother raccoon. Not an ideal situation to be in! Hence, avoid this DIY method and call for professional raccoon removal Orillia services from us at Simcoe Muskoka Wildlife Removal

  • Smoking the Chimney

If you are still adamant about using a DIY method to remove baby raccoons, you might come across a classic method which is smoking the chimney. You start a fire to create smoke in hope that you can get rid of baby raccoons and the mother. However, you will cruelly end up killing the baby raccoons with this method. You may get rid of the mother raccoon, know this, baby raccoon can’t climb out of the chimney. They will suffocate and eventually die. So, we suggest you avoid using this DIY raccoon removal Orillia method.Raccoon Removal Orillia

  • Tackling the Mother Raccoon Outside

You may use DIY methods in the hope to trap the mother raccoon outside such as repellent or use a pole to scare her. However, these methods don’t consider baby raccoons. The baby raccoons will be left in the chimney, and they will starve to death. As you can see, these DIY methods don’t humanely remove baby raccoons. Hence, you must call us at Simcoe Muskoka Wildlife Removal for professional raccoon removal Orillia. We will remove the baby raccoons and mother raccoons safely, and effectively from the chimney. 

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