4 Characteristics Features of Raccoons You Should Know

Winter is the perfect season to cozy up in your home and sip on your favourite hot drinks. Now as much as you want to stay inside your home, wildlife animals also want to make shelter inside your home. Having a warm space to protect themselves from harsh winter outside will be a blessing. However, it can cause nuisance for you. Especially if they are bigger animals like raccoons.

Raccoon Removal Barrie

Raccoon Removal Barrie

If you are sure that raccoons have made their home inside your home, call professional raccoon removal Orillia service right away. However, if you don’t know whether raccoons have infested your house, there are a few ways to identify the animal. In this blog, we will tell you a few characteristic features of raccoons making it easier for you to identify them.

  • Coat Colour

Raccoons have brown or dark gray fur. The face has a striking mask pattern especially around their eyes. They have rings on their tail. You may also come across raccoon subspecies which have Smokey or blonde fur.

  • Height

If you come across an adult raccoon, they will be about 16-30 inches tall (including tail). In such a case, it would be wise not to confront the animal. Instead, call raccoon removal Barrie to get rid of adult raccoons in a humane way.

  • Nest and Burrows

Although raccoons stay in hollow tree trunks or abandoned burrows in the wild, they tend to accommodate themselves in attic and crawlspace in urban areas. You can also find raccoons in chimneys, garages, barn lofts, basements, storm sewers, and more. Notice any fecal droppings or pungent smell of urine to identify raccoon infestation at your house.

  • Personality

Now, they may look cute but are ferocious and curious about their surroundings. They can climb and swim.

Raccoon Removal Collingwood

Raccoon Removal Collingwood

With immense dexterity, they can open different things such as windows, doors, corks, jars and more. If you scare them, they will run away and don’t return. However, if you are confronting a raccoon with an offspring, they may attack you. If you are in such a situation, you must avoid confrontation and call raccoon removal Collingwood services.

These are some of the striking features to know about raccoons. This can help you in accurately identifying raccoons on your property. If you are looking for raccoon removal services in your region, make sure to call us at Simcoe Muskoka Wildlife Removal. Our professional team of wildlife removal experts use humane methods to get rid of wildlife animals such as raccoons, squirrels, birds, rats, snakes, bats, and more.

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