What will happen if I do nothing about wildlife in my property?

Depending on the wildlife in question, damages can very and will worsen with time.

Soffit and insulation damage are common when raccoons are the nuisance animals, although roof/gable vents are also susceptible to entries. This could lead to water damage and/or mold if left unresolved.

Some animal urine and fecal matter can be a hazardous if it becomes airborne or accidentally ingested.

Proper PPE is required for any cleanup or restoration that needs to be addressed.

Mice trails in the attic will deplete the R value of your insulation leading to cold spots which may increase your heating and cooling bills.

While bats do little physical damage, their fecal matter (guano) can develop histoplasmosis in our local climate, which can cause severe respiratory issues.

How do I know what the animal(s) are that have entered my property?

Our team will interview you over the phone asses symptoms and activity to gather a general idea of the situation. But a professional inspection is needed to verify any wildlife activity before we can know exactly what the issue is.

How long does it take to get rid of the issue and restore my home to a sense of normalcy?

Depending on season and type of wildlife. Generally speaking mice an bat eviction can take much longer to complete, whereas squirrels and racoons issues may take as few as 1-4 days.

Again, many factors such as weather or nesting season can affect these numbers. Our estimate should include more accurate time frame as a part of our initial inspection.