Mice & rats

Mice & Rat Removal Service

Miceand rats breed rapidly, can quickly adapt to changing conditions, and have benefited from human habitation. In most cases, house mice live in small, cramped spaces and building structures. They are present in outdoor areas, but mostly live indoors, especially duringour cold winter. House mice and rats are generally attracted to warmth and readily available food sources. Residential kitchens and restaurants are a primary breeding ground for these rodents.

Even without an open door or window, mice can enter a building through a hole, as small as the diameter of a pencil, bringing with it fleas, ticks, lice and mites. Mice and rats chew through and contaminate whatever they come in contact with. Microdroplets of their urine, left around your home can also cause allergies in children.

As part of Simcoe Muskoka Wildlife Removal’s consultation, we will try to determine where the mouse infestation is in your home, or commercial building. Then we create a mouse or rat control plan to eliminate the problem. We can also implement proactive mouse and rat prevention products and services for you.

A mouse or rat infestation can be a huge problem for you, your family, and for your pets. The damage mice and rats can do, can be catastrophic and repair bills can be very expensive. SMWR specializes in mouse and rat control, infestations and all general mouse and rat problems.

Mice & Rat Removal Service – Humane Solutions & Guaranteed Results!

Mice & Rat Removal Service