Rat Control Orillia – What To Do And What To Know

Your horrors started unfolding when you first saw a rice-shaped black pellet on your kitchen counter. A clear sign of rat infestation. Before we talk about rat control Orillia, let us talk about the situations and telltale signs of rat infestation that you might not be paying attention to –

Rat Control Orillia

Rat Control Orillia

  • A scratching sound coming from your walls
  • A hole in a box of cereal in your kitchen cabinet.

Okay, so now that you know what signs means you have unwanted guests, let’s discuss a bit about these guests that are a pain in your lives. There are numerous species of mice, but the most common type that is expected to be the cause of your concern is the house mouse. They breed faster than you can imagine. Females can birth around half a dozen babies every three weeks!

Their frontal teeth never stop growing. This is the reason why, their whole lives, they must chew on things. It is a trick to keep the teeth at a convenient length. And they will eat anything that your home has to offer. However, seeds, fruits, and grain-based products are their favorites. Their gnawing habit is what helps them get inside your home in the first place. They can turn even the smallest of openings into an entrance to your home.

Once they are in, everything is under their radar and susceptible to damage. Plus, they bring in pests, and their feces can cause several diseases, and even allergies and irritation. That’s why you need rat control Orillia to get rid of these sneaky animals out of your home. Now, like most people, you might feel that rat control Orillia is an extravagant expense, and you can just use a mouse trap. But think again. One or two mouse traps will not completely eliminate the problem. Also, mice and rats are smart and sometimes they develop skills to get the bait without triggering the trap. While they can be a part of the rat control Orillia method, it isn’t the only thing that you need to do.Rat Control Orillia

For complete rat control Orillia, you’ll need wildlife control specialists. We at Simcoe Muskoka Wildlife understand that you need effective, and long-lasting solutions. We also understand that while you don’t want mice in your house, you mean no harm to them. That’s why we offer humane solutions and guaranteed results. Our experts have a multi-pronged approach to solve the problem at hand. But, we don’t stop there.  We also ensure that measures are taken to prevent future infestations. Contact us now.