Squirrel Removal Orillia – Crucial During Winter and Summer Seasons

What do you think of when you see a squirrel? Most times we get a cute, warm, fuzzy feeling when we see this wildlife animal. Maybe it’s because of its small size or the way it nibbles on seeds or just the overall reputation they have in our minds. However, these cute, little wildlife animals can turn into nuisance-causing elements quite quickly, especially during the winter and summer months. And it is during this time that you need to choose professional squirrel removal Orillia services from us at Simcoe Muskoka Wildlife Removal.

Squirrel Removal OrilliaWhy winter and summer months are crucial for squirrels?

During the winter and summer months, squirrels are fulfilling some very important tasks that allow them to increase their population. During winter they breed and hibernate to eventually give birth to their offspring. And during the summer months, they take care of their offspring and raise them. This means gathering food before and after the breeding season. This results in them looking for refuge in your homes. And that’s why squirrel removal Orillia becomes crucial during this time to avoid any nuisance on your private property. But how do you know that you have a squirrel invasion in your house? And what is the best way to remove them from your property?

Here’s what professionals from Simcoe Muskoka Wildlife Removal had to say.

Signs of squirrel infestation in your house

Squirrel removal Orillia becomes imminent if you find these signs in your home. 

  • If you are noticing droppings in your house, chances are squirrels have infested your home. This can be confirmed if the droppings give off a strong odour that is considered a potential biohazard. 
  • You may smell urine or find stains in your attics or soffits. This can be an indication of a squirrel infestation
  • If you hear scurrying noises from your house attic or soffits, chances are squirrels are trying to build a nesting area for breeding and giving birth to offspring.

Squirrel Removal OrilliaWays to remove squirrels

  • Close off open areas: The DIY squirrel removal Orillia method is to shut off all the possible open areas that can give them access to to your house. You can use steel wires to create a barricade. Squirrels can’t chew through steel. 
  • Exclusion device: If you are sure that there are no babies in the nest, you can use an exclusion device. This will forcefully drive the squirrels out of your house and prompt them to search for food and shelter elsewhere. 

However, instead of using a DIY approach, we suggest you give us a call at Simcoe Muskoka Wildlife Removal. Our professionals are well-equipped and skilled to provide efficient squirrel removal Orillia services. 

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