5 Steps to Remove Wildlife Fecal Droppings from Your Home

Winter months are critical not just for humans but also for wildlife around us. Just like us humans who want to stay inside during the harsh winter, wildlife animals also want to stay in a warm and cozy atmosphere. And what’s better than our warm and comfortable homes? Wildlife animals not only get warmth but easy access to food in our homes. But this can cause a nuisance in our homes. Wildlife animals like rodents have the habit of chewing on insulation, electric boards, and wiring.Wildlife Fecal Droppings removal Moreover, rodents and other wildlife animals are hosts to several diseases that can prove to be fatal for humans. And fecal droppings are a major source of such infections. Hence, if you see fecal droppings or urine spots in your house, you must call wildlife removal Barrie services.

However, you can also take steps to remove fecal droppings immediately to reduce the stench and the chances of spreading diseases. Here are the steps to take to remove wildlife fecal droppings from your home. 

  • Glove Up!

Before you start removing fecal droppings, wear gloves and a mask. This will protect you from touching the fecal droppings with bare hands and prevent any bacterial or viral particles from going into your respiratory system. 

  • Sterilize

Don’t just use a broom or vacuum cleaner to clean the droppings. Instead, sterilize the area using bleach solution (1:1). Soak each area for 5 minutes in the bleach solution. 

  • Throw It in the Trash Can

Grab the droppings using tissue paper and throw them in the trash can. 

  • Final Wipe Down

Once you have thrown the dropping in the trash can, do a final wipe down using a bleach solution. Wipe the infected area again along with any other item that can be contaminated. 

  • Wash Your Hands

After you have removed all the droppings, you need to wash your hands. Firstly, remove your gloves and throw them in the trash can. Take soap and water to wash your hands. You can also use sanitizer to clean your hands. Wildlife Fecal Droppings Removal

Once you have removed the fecal droppings, you must also get rid of the wildlife animal in your house. Hence, you must call a professional wildlife control Barrie Ontario company in the region. They are certified and professional in removing all types of wildlife animals. 

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