Follow These Three Steps for Squirrel Removal Orillia

Squirrels seem to be cute animals. Small, swift, and able to fit as many nuts as possible in their mouth, squirrels have been one of the characters in several animated movies and cartoons. However, their cuteness is limited to only animation. Squirrels are highly notorious. When they have access to human habitats, they can wreak havoc. You can find squirrels living in the garden, house, and attic. And if not removed, they can cause damage to the electrical wiring, boards, and insulation. Squirrel Removal OrilliaNow if you have been noticing signs like scurrying noise, squirrel footprints, teeth marks on wires and wood, feces droppings, urine smell, and more, you need to immediately call for squirrel removal Orillia services. 

Here are the steps to remove squirrels from your house. 

  • Find the Squirrel Nest

The first step in squirrel removal is to find the nest. The nest is usually made with cardboard, insulation, and wiring. Also, if you find the nest during August to October and February to May, chances are you may find baby squirrels. It can be highly dangerous to remove babies especially when their mother could be around and bite you.

Wait until they are old enough to leave their mother. 

  • Seal Openings

Squirrels can enter your house at any tiny opening in your attic or through your garden. As wildlife removal Orillia experts would say that to avoid squirrels entering your house, make your garden unfriendly for their habitat. 

To avoid their entry into the house, seal any openings in walls, roof, and attic. You can use caulking or wire to seal the openings. If you already have squirrels in your house just keep one opening for them to move out. 

  • Use a One-Way Cage to Trap Squirrels

When you leave only one opening for squirrels to move out, you can place a one-way cage outside that point. When squirrels go out through this point, they will get trapped in the cage. You can now relocate them at least 5 miles away from your house. However, before you trap squirrels, read the laws in your region. In some places, it is illegal to trap and relocate squirrelsSquirrel Removal Orillia

If you have already tried following these steps but have been unsuccessful in removing squirrels, you must call a professional wildlife removal company in the region. You can get in touch with us at Simcoe Muskoka Wildlife Removal. We are a prominent wildlife removal company in the region providing services like squirrel removal, Orillia raccoon removal, rodent control services, and more. 

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