Pest Control Orillia Experts Discuss Tips To Remove Skunk Smell

When you have skunks in your home, you need Pest Control Orillia. The odour problem is inevitable, and it can get overwhelming. It won’t take you long to identify if you have these uninvited guests in your home, as their smell will make that readily known. You shouldn’t waste time contemplating and quickly call for skunk removal services. You can call us at Simcoe Muskoka Wildlife, and we will make sure the skunk is gone from your home. Also, we guarantee humane wildlife solutions, so you can really sure that you won’t be causing harm to any living organism.

pest control Orillia

Pest Control Orillia

But after pest control Orillia, and humane skunk removal services, you might still have the skunk smell lingering around. To help you get rid of the unbearable smell, we have expert-approved steps that you should follow.

Pest Control Orillia – Dealing with residual skunk odour:

  1. Find the source of where the smell is coming from. This is likely to be the place that smells the most. Start cleaning from this area.
  2. If your pets have been sprayed by a skunk, make sure you take them out in the open, and then give them a wash. It may take a couple of hours, a lot of water and soap to do the washing, but you have to do what you have to do.
  3. Do NOT keep your clothes (that have been sprayed and smell) with your other laundry. Keeping them on the floor or in your laundry bag, or basket will mean letting the smell spread to other places. Make sure you wash them right away.
  4. To wash your clothes, use heavy-duty detergent, ammonia solution or chlorine bleach. However, don’t mix ammonia and bleach as that will release toxic fumes.
  5. You can use the aforementioned ingredients to clean upholstery and carpet as well, if you feel that they also have the skunk smell.
  6. Keep spraying air fresheners frequently until the lingering smell is gone from your home.
  7. Keep the windows open to ensure proper ventilation and airflow.
  8. Switch on ACs and fans.
  9. You can also keep bowls of vinegar at the places that are most affected.pest control Orillia

But, before you do all this, it is important to call us for pest control Orillia services. It will be futile to do all this, when you still have a skunk in your attic. In addition to pest control Orillia, we also offer inspection, and humane skunk removal services.