bat in home

Bats or mice in the Home

Bats and mice are tiny animals that are very adept at entering the smallest of holes or gaps around a home or business.
If you are hearing scratching noises (typically at night) but not so much running or thumping, chances are it’s a mouse issue you are experiencing. Like all animals, living outside in the elements is less attractive than a cosy insulated space such as your attic or walls.

Sealing up entry points by using silicone caulking, wire screen is typical for prevention work. Allowing what is in the attic to leave requires installing one way doors which is usually offered by a profession wildlife removal company such as SMWR.

As these species are very difficult to remove permanently and humanly, it would be best to speak to a professional to have these animals removed safely. The entire scope and structure of building materials (brick, siding, stucco or wood building) all have their own challenges, and may or may not be possible to guarantee.