Four Tips to Keep Your Pantry Free from Pests

Winter is already here. You are already struggling with snow and extreme temperatures. To top it off, you don’t want to struggle with pests invading your house. Yes, wildlife pests want to get inside your house and make it their sweet home. And your pantry will be their first target. Your pantry is filled with food items that will attract the attention of pests such as rodents. If you find rat droppings in your pantry, you must call Orillia pest control services right away.pest control Barrie Ontario

However, on your end you can follow these steps to keep pests away from your pantry.

  • Use airtight containers

If you have been storing food items in cardboard or paper, make sure to replace it with sturdy airtight containers. Most pests such as rodents can chew their way into paper and cardboard. With airtight containers it will become difficult for them to reach the food item. 

  • Clean your pantry regularly

Make sure to periodically clean your pantry. A clean pantry ensures that pests like rodents find it difficult to reach food items. Also, you can easily identify if you have pest infestation. If you find that your pantry might be invaded by rodents, make sure to call professional pest control Barrie Ontario

  • Keep old and new products separately

Old products must always be used first as they have a prior expiry date as compared to new products. Also, old products are more prone to pest infestation. Hence, always keep old and new products separately. You can keep new products in the back of the shelf whereas old products in the front. This way old products will be used first followed by new. This will help you reduce the access of food items to pests like rodents.

  • Sanitize old containers

Before you refill your containers with fresh products, make sure to sanitize them. Pests are known to carry viruses and bacteria that can cause deadly diseases. Hence, to maintain the health and safety of your family and the food product, it will be wise to sanitize your containers. 

Orillia pest controlThese tips can help you keep your pantry and food free from pest infestation. And not only during winter but also during the rest of the year. After all, pests are notorious to find their way into your home at any time of the year. However, if you think that pest infestation is serious and beyond your control, contact us at Simcoe Muskoka Wildlife Removal right away. We are among the leading pest control companies Barrie that offer high-quality, professional, and certified pest removal services in the region.

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