4 Steps to Take to Keep Wildlife Animals Away During Summer

Do you like to go out more during the summer? If so, you are not alone! As winter days end and summer seems to be on the horizon, you will be prompted to go out of your house to enjoy the warm and sunny weather. But so do the wildlife animals. During the summer months, you will see wildlife animals out and about enjoying the weather and consuming the plentiful food available. But this also means they can enter your property for food and sometimes shade when it gets too hot outside. Hence, you need to take some steps for wildlife control Barrie OntarioHere’s what you should do to keep wildlife animals away from your property. 

Put Your Trash Cans Outside in the Morning

Wildlife control Barrie Ontario

Wildlife control Barrie Ontario

This is important to ensure raccoons don’t wreak havoc on the trash cans at night. You might know that raccoons are nocturnal and will be searching for food. If they find a trash can containing scraps of food, they will tumble it down and return to it more often than you would like. Hence, keep your trash cans outside in the morning when raccoons return to their dens. Empty the trash cans regularly. Secure the trash cans with a tight lid so raccoons can’t enter them. 

Keep Firewood 20 Meters Away from Home

We know most homeowners put firewood just near the house. It is convenient; we get that! But it also provides a good place for mice to find shelter and easy access to the house interiors. Mice can cause major damage to your house, electric wiring, and more. They are also a carrier of several diseases. So, store firewood 20 meters away from your house. This will help in efficient animal control Innisfil during the summer. 

Repair Water Leaks

Every living being requires water to survive. If wildlife animals find fresh water leaks at your house, they will keep coming back, or worse, may find a space to live inside your house. So, make sure to repair any water leaks immediately. It will prevent wildlife animals from lingering on your property and save you money. 

Mow Your Grass

Animal control Innisfil

Animal control Innisfil

Mowing the grass is essential to maintain the beauty of your lawn. But it will help you keep wildlife animals away from your property. Long grass provides a habitat for animals like mice and insects. You certainly don’t want them to be on your property. Hence, make sure to mow your lawn. 

Taking these steps will help you keep wildlife animals away from your property during summer. However, if you still find wildlife animals droppings, urine stains, or animal offspring, make sure to call us at Simcoe Muskoka Wildlife Removal. We are a professional and certified company to provide humane wildlife removal services. We offer Collingwood raccoon removal, squirrel removal, bird control, mice control, bat control, and snake removal. 

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